Summer Show-Screening Party July 10

All members are invited to a party Sunday, July 10 at Dave Seifman’s apartment on the East Side to have fun and view the video from our 2011 show, “Meet the Focker-Uppers.”

Dave promises cocktails, outer-borough brews, mayoral margaritas and Inner Circle snacks. But definitely no Anthony Weiner franks (they plump when you photograph them) and no Bloomberg budget burgers.

Besides the screening of the show video (which the mayor is threatening to boycott!), if we’re really good, there will be an additional showing of the long-lost 2010 video, “Trilite-Bloomberg Bites.”

But we gotta know if you’re coming. So please RSVP to Dave at or to Larry Sutton at

Remember the date: Sunday, July 10, 2011, starting at 5 PM .

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