Marty Steadman Recuperating



Marty Steadman


Venerable– and indestructible — Inner Circle member Marty Steadman (Journal American ’61) suffered a heart attack on Columbus Day. He spent four days in the hospital and is home recuperating. In his words:

“All things considered, I was very lucky.  I was in the car when my chest tightened up and I felt dizzy.  There was a Garden City police officer in his car parked on the curb just ahead of me, so I steered my car in front of him and stopped.   I got out and waved to him and he came right to me.  It was a 5-second response time, which has to be a new World’s Record.
“I’ll take it easy for awhile, but I don’t think it will be long before I’m back to normal.”
Reporting by Mark Lieberman.


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