Ladies & Gentlemen, Our Headliner….

“I used to be undecided, but now I’m not so sure.” With that line, Mark Lieberman launched his on-stage career as a stand up comedian. Mark, otherwise known as a past president and dinner chairman of the Inner Circle Show, took the leap into a second or side career Oct. 13, 2012 at The Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan.

Career-change was Mark’s theme as he recounted his chapters as a journalist, banker and economist. “I’m an economist…or an accountant without personality.”

Referring to his tenure at Fox News, Mark reminded the sold-out crowd that Fox’s style was to spell Osama bin Ladin with a U,  Usama bin Laden.  “So, given that, why wasn’t it called Fux News?!”

Badda-dum!  Larry Sutton and the writing committee, you have fair warning!

To watch Mark’s entire comedic debut click here:

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