Inner Circle Tribute for John Slattery

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John Slattery at Inner Circle rehearsal.

Inner Circle members got together Oct. 17 to celebrate the life of our late fellow member, John Slattery (IC’88).

Several members spoke about John, recalling favors or advice he had given to  them, or conversations that found a special place in their memories.  A video of some of John’s best on-stage performances was part of the tribute.

Watch a special tribute video of John Slattery’s Inner Circle perfromances.   WATCH NOW.

In particular, Hazel Sanchez talked about the 15 years she spent having her newsroom desk next to John’s and how they shared talk about work and family. Polly Kreisman shared stories about being John’s freind and neighbor in Larchmount. Sonia Rincon said she had worked with John for only a short time at WCBS but that she had found a new friend and mentor.  And Henry Goldman, Rich Lamb and David Seifman regaled the gathering with reporters’ war stories about covering mayors, sports stars and even the Pope along side “Slats.”


The Slattery family: John’s wife, Suzie, and their three children, Kathleen, Patrick and Meghan, was on hand and made the evening even more special.


Suzie and John Slattery, show night 2013.


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