Inner Circle Members Enshrined at City Hall

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Stan Brooks Radio Room at City Hall.


Stan Brooks is not the only Inner Circle member honored with a formal dedication in and around City Hall.






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Dom Peluso fir tree outside City Hall.



The tall fir tree in City Hall Park directly across from Room 9 is in memory of Dom Peluso, who was a former assistant U.S. Attorney and veteran political reporter for the Daily News.





Steve Flanders Square, at entrance to City Hall.




The entrance to City Hall off Broadway is named for Steve Flanders, a long-time radio reporter for WCBS 880 News.






Stan’s is the only dedication inside the Hall that can be verified. ¬†Of course, if the landmark building could talk, it would run down a list of “informal” spots along hallways, at the lobby radiators, and on staircases where IC members would work sources, give out contracts or grab a smoke over the decades.


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