Day at Citifield Stretches to a 20-Inning Blast


Inner Circle members and friends at Citifield outing.

At least the company was good. The Mets disappointed – again – but Inner Circle members were the winners at an outing to Citifield Saturday, June 8,2013. And we were a part of history, too. The game against the lowly Miami Marlins lasted 20 innings, one of the longest games on record. ┬áJane Tillman Irving stayed 14 innings. But the hold out goes to Mark and Candy Lieberman who stayed the entire 120 outs. ┬áChris Olert caught a T-shirt from Mr. Met, who by the way wants to join the Inner Circle. He claims to have a great singing voice. Many thanks to Mike Scholl for putting together the outing.





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