Words, songs and steps. We got 'em all down!

“Preoccupied” is just hours away. The dress-rehearsal raves are unanimous: the 2012 Inner Circle Show is hilarious, the dancing is great and the singing is out of this world.
Now, “show night!”
Here’s a reminder from Shelly Strickler about the itinerary for tonight:
1. 4:30: Get dressed in your ballroom attire: tux for men, gowns or dressy cocktail dresses for women for OUR dinner in a section of the ballroom. We look gorgeous, don’t drink too much or eat too much, look at the programs and give ourselves pep talks for a second great show.
2. Starting at 7:00: Gala cocktail party in the ballroom lobby given by Con Edison. You should certainly attend but must make sure you get backstage for make-up and costumes. Depending on how make-up goes on Friday, we can figure how long is wise to stay at the party. You should probably start moving backstage by 7:20. In the past, I have had to run around and shoo everyone backstage. Please don’t make me do that.
3. After our show, we find a seat anywhere we can to watch the mayors show.
4. Finally, it’s back to the penthouse, to meet, greet, laugh, drink, be merry, and congratulate ourselves for another great show.

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