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America lost an important voice this week. A strong voice. A wise voice. An experienced voice. America lost Mickey Carroll — and I lost a dear friend and a generous mentor.

Mickey, whose storied journalism career spanned decades and included political reporting for The New York Times, was a fount of insight and a source of laughter.

He played a key role in making the Quinnipiac Poll the internationally recognized pulse of American politics — and guided me through my career with patience, passion and persistence. I smile as I reflect on the years of advice he’s shared with me. He had an uncanny sense of humor — a staple in New York City’s storied Inner Circle.

His legacy as a journalist, a historian and as an educator will be honored for generations — through my work as well as that of my peers and the institutions he helped build and strengthen. At a time when journalism and strong communications is paramount to our democracy’s future, he laid a strong foundation for on which it to stand.

Mickey, I miss you already — but am grateful you found me worthy to nurture and guide. You will never be forgotten.

Comment on Newsman, Author, Teacher Mickey Carroll Dies by Bob Wiener Thu, 07 Dec 2017 23:12:45 +0000 I met Mickey in 1961 when I was a young reporter at the Star-Ledger. Unlike the rest of the seasoned veterans who chose to ignore the new kid straight out of Rutgers, Mickey summoned me to the copy desk, where he was moonlighting on weekends, and said, “C’ere kid. Wanna learn how to write headlines?”
I said “yes,” and it began a friendship that lasted through the decades.
He was always helpful to me, first at the Ledger, then whenever I’d run into him on a story. I especially appreciated his cynical sense of humor and his curmudgeonly ways.
When Congressman Ted Weiss, the liberal icon from the Upper West Side, died in 1992, Mickey and I sat next to each other at the funeral. As Weiss was being heralded by politician after politician, Mickey sat grumpily.
When I asked what his problem was, he said “when I go to a funeral I want ritual. None of this political bullshit.”
In recent years, when I needed polling data for election stories, he was always my first call. He gave me the data along with pithy comments and spicy analysis that other pollsters seemed to lack.
I remember his being lots of fun at Inner Circle rehearsals and subway rides uptown.
So long, Mickey. It ain’t gonna be the same without you.
Bob Wiener

Comment on Ode to Gabe Pressman by chris olert Fri, 30 Jun 2017 12:45:49 +0000 Bob Wiener,
Grand tribute to Gabe.
He made us all better…
Olde Newsguy