Back to Business: New Officers, Prep For Another Show

Inner Circle members enjoy rooftop party hosted by The Seifmans.

How’s the foot Kathy? Good thing you’re not the choreographer.

Contest winner Mike Scholl thumbs through his prize.

Summer was, as always, too short.

A highlight was a rooftop party July 10, hosted by Dave Seifman.

It’s Autumn 2011 and that means the Inner Circle is about to launch into another season, another show. Plans are in the works for the annual October dinner to install new officers and kick off preps for the show in March 2012. And true to our calling, there was a contest for the best caption to go with sextext photos of former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s hot dog.

Incoming president Melissa Russo brought along her new friend, Abigail Naomi.

The winner:  Mike Scholl for “Are your sure that’s my best side?” The prize:  a copy of the all-time best seller (no, not “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2”) but “The Inner Circle.”

Runners up: Mara Rubin for Weiner’s Boston mob nickname:  “Tighty Whitey Bulger” and Kathy Beaver for “You think Weiner’s an embarrassing name?  What about me?!”

Stay tuned for details on the October dinner and more.
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